• David Hiscock

Starting a gardening business completely changed my outlook.

My name is David Hiscock and I have owned and run Stourdale Garden Maintenance since October 2016. Prior to this I was working within the coatings industry as a paint sprayer in various roles since 2004. I was very fortunate to be involved in some unique projects covering automotive, marine, aviation, residential and commercial sectors. After the birth of my son in the summer of 2015 I felt a big shift in emotions. I had dipped in and out of periods of depression over the years but this time I felt a large hole, something was missing? Over the period of a year I realised my job no longer gave any satisfaction and worse still it became increasingly apparent I felt stuck with no way out.

How do you resolve such an issue? First instinct was to flee, get out and work it out afterwards? This was always going to be a foolish choice as I have responsibilities (mortgage, bills and a family to support).

This is where I turned to hobbies for inspiration, gardening had been a life long activity I was introduced to at a young aged thanks to my Father and Grandfather. After a small amount of research it became clear that gardening could not only fill that void but also help reduce depression and anxieties.

So in the summer of 2016 I took the plunge and turned my back on the coatings industry and ventured out with a few hand tools and a petrol mower in the back of my Volvo estate. I'm not going to lie and say it was easy and plain sailing. There were many times within the first year (especially the winter of 2016) where I seriously questioned my choice. Despite the initial shock of reduced earnings, I felt a huge shift in my outlook. My options were open... Within reason I could set my destiny and control my future. The physical benefits of being outdoors are well documented, what I never realised was the importance of feeling connected to your surroundings. This comes in the form of experiencing all weathers (good, bad and ugly), the changing seasons and quite literally putting your hands into the soil. I can't really describe it any better without asking you to get outside and try it for yourself...

Writing this in January 2021 I know that without my little gardening business, 2020 could of been a whole lot worse. I look forward to seeing what challenges and new experiences come my way in 2021.

Regards David@stourdale